What is so darn great about Revit?

No, seriously, a recruiter wants to know. Revit designers are so happy! Like someone spikes your Colectivo with sunshine. What is so exceptionally fulfilling about your current Revit design / engineering job that leaves you zero desire to consider a new Revit design / engineering job?

Because I’ve approached many of you Reviters (is that a word? Revit-ites?), attempting to entice interest in one of several reputable clients that are hiring. The vast majority of responses: “Thanks for reaching out, but I love where I am” or “Not interested at this time, but let’s keep in touch down the road (smiley emoji).”

I appreciate that you are invariably polite (happy!). Therefore, I try to reach out in a professional, respectful manner – ok, maybe the occasional joke (“You like your job? Well, if you ever have a completely miserable day, please think of me! Haha. Here’s my contact info.”). Hey, how else to differentiate myself from other headhunters in my crowded camp of Revit-seekers?

I’m curious, what is so perfect about your job that you can’t fathom any improvement?

  1. Great company?

You are at a stable company, doing what you love, feeling valued, and enjoying challenging work and professional growth. O-kay. I assure you, I’m not trying to swindle you into leaving your contented employment for a downgrade. I represent award-winning, credentialed engineering firms. Might they offer equal or better challenges and rewards?

Nor do I want to persuade or deceive you into a move that isn’t a solid fit. If you quit after a week, I look seriously inept to both you and my client. My goal is to form a client-candidate match that behooves you both. Win-win-win.

  1. Money?

I know you’re paid well already, but does more money hurt? Is it a major bummer to increase your paycheck?  Again, I’m working with successful companies. They are so frustrated by the scarcity of your skills that they throw money at me to find you! So they’re going to pony up.

  1. Don’t want a staffing agency?

You assume it won’t be a “permanent” position, or our fee will come out of your salary? FYI – Your industry leaders elect to work with staffing firms / talent acquisition specialists / human capital commodities brokers / whatever-you-call-us, because they benefit from our expertise in the multi-faceted recruitment process. They focus on creating massive healthcare complexes and high profile commercial expansions. Their time is not best spent surfing resumes on Indeed.com. Or, ahem…  posing questions in LinkedIn Groups for Revit designers.

They trust us to weed through the wannabes (and there are dozens and dozens of unqualified applicants who apply for your job), and present only the most suitable candidates. Some firms don’t even advertise job openings. They prefer to leave the recruitment to us. And we definitely prefer to leave the Design-Build of the new Bucks arena to them.

  1. Other perks?

So far I’m talking level playing field, plus throwing in more money. Still no? Hmmm, so what IS that particular perk that blissfully keeps you from budging?  Bring your dog to work? Free food truck?? Those nap pods like Google???  Really. I’d love to know.