Why you should have an internship

“Without an internship, you will not get a job after school.”

Sounds harsh, but this is what my professor said. I remember sitting through that 2 ½ hour night class in a panic. I was a college sophomore and had not made any real steps in order to pursue one. After class, I called my mom, rambling how I was never going to get a job because I had no internship. She assured me it would be ok and I still had time. That summer I ended up landing an internship.


So why are internships necessary?

• Real world experience. You truly learn so much working with people in the industry.

• The connections you make.

• You learn a lot about yourself. (What you like/don’t like about the industry).

• All of the skills you develop. (interpersonal, adaptability, problem-solving, the list goes on)

• Potential for a full-time position.  A lot of internships choose to extend the position to permanent.

Furthermore, often people think they are too qualified for an internship after they have a degree. Internships can still open doors. After being unhappy at my first job right out of school, I applied for an internship. They offered me an entry- level position instead. So my advice to you is to apply for internships. It just might lead to a job you love.