Graduation Countdown

You’re graduating next year? Great! Then NOW is the time to start your job search.

Yeah… what? So, in addition to class, studying, writing papers, my campus job, juggling dating apps, and squeezing in Plants v Zombies … there’s more?

9 months before Graduation:

If you’re not already working or interning IN YOUR FIELD, that’s Priority #1.

Those bartending tips are sweet, but your degree may be practically useless otherwise. For example, if you’re a Mechanical Engineering student, find a part-time job:

(1) within your major (i.e. Mechanical Technician)

(2) foot in the door (i.e. Receptionist) at a manufacturing company that employs BSME grads

6 months before Graduation:

Research companies. Who hires new grads? Where do you want to work?  Compile a good list & FOLLOW.

Engage (positively) on their social media. Enough to stand out. Not so much it’s weird.

3 months before Graduation:

Make your resume PERFECT. Ask at least 3 second-opinions / spell-checkers. Your cousin works in HR? Bingo!

Apply for APPROPRIATE jobs.  “I really want to work for Cool AF Company, so I’ll send them a resume every week” NO! That’ll annoy.

Tip: Avoid sending your resume through Indeed. Their formatting is awful & does nothing to distinguish YOU.

Apply through the company’s website. Then do some LinkedIn detective work. Connect (with a personalized note) to HR and the manager directly. Follow-up.

Good luck Class of ’18!