• "Easy to work with, providing excellent qualified candidates for a reasonable fee. Exceptionally professional in support to our company. Best we’ve dealt with in terms of listening to our needs and matching skills/candidates on a timely basis." Dick L.

  • “...the group of people you put together for us has shown a rare ability to adapt to our product line as easily as any group of people I have trained and worked with to date.” Louie W., Manager of Contract Services

  • “I appreciate your attitude and flexibility. Also one of the very few shops with a staff that knows the kind of work we designers do… a professional outfit and a credit to our business!” Bob S., Sr. Machine & Tool Designer

  • “We hired him direct… need I say more?” Bruce H., Director of Engineering

  • “Whenever I have a staffing need, you are the firm I call!” Mike B., Service Technician Manager

  • “Jim is the best drafter I’ve ever had.” Brian L., President

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